Communicate and inform the members of the Bangladeshi community about their rights to statutory and non statutory resources available to them and how best to access them at local level..


Produce and implement innovative and exciting programmes of social and economic development towards building a prosperous Bangladeshi community.  


Strengthen capacity of the Bangladeshi Community and Vountary Sector to provide a more productive platform for the social and economic development of the Community.

I have had a long standing interest in community led regeneration. I strongly believe that the setting up of the Bangladeshi Regeneration Council in England and Wales is a very positive initiative. It has the potential to contribute to the much needed improvements to the quality of life for the Bangladeshi community. The gathering of data and the establishment of a series of national networks can help to deepen the understanding and increase the awareness of the problems facing the Bangladeshi community. It can also help to identify new and innovative ways in which these problems can be tackled more effectively.
The strength of this initiative is that it comes from within the Bangladeshi community itself and it will have a national remit which can bring together the Bangladeshi community across the country. As a community regeneration organisation, it will be able to speak on behalf of the wider community at a national level. This is an exciting proposal that can provide a critical role in the future regeneration of Bangladeshi communities and I look forward to watching the initiative grow and develop over the next few years. [Dr Mike Beazley is a senior lecturer at the Centre for Urban & Regional Studies, University of Birmingham].


Build a comprehensive picture of the Bangladeshi community, helping everyone to understand the community better towards creating a brighter future for all. 


Mobilise national and local leadership of youth, women and elders to drive and steer the social and economic development of the Bangladeshi Community. 

​By 2030 the Bangladeshi community should no longer be regarded as one of the most disadvantaged ethnic groups in England and Wales.

What is Community led Regeneration?

Community Led Regeneration is defined by actions that are based on the needs and issues understood by and experienced by communities themselves, where communities are supported to take the lead in identifying and implementing local solutions 


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​The Bangladeshi Regeneration Council ​

"We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Bangladeshi Regeneration Council. We are delighted that you are visiting the website. Mr Bill Gates said in his letter of 2013 that "to make real progress on the problems of the poorest, we need a deep understanding of the problems, and the technical ability to solve them".. and this is exactly what the Council aims to achieve.  Please feel free to look around and give us your feedback and most importantly join the campaign towards building a socially and economically brighter future for the Bangladeshis living in England and Wales".


Promote the use of Bangladeshi arts and culture to facilitate social interaction as well as enabling those in receipt of social care to pursue creative interests.